Site-planning Unseen

As my itch to move grows more intense, I’ll be writing out my thoughts and ideas on how the farm will be designed. Obviously, these plans will change to fit the property once we know what we’re dealing with, but in the meantime it will serve to organize our priorities and maybe help someone else out there following the same path.

I’ll be dropping these posts into their own tree to keep them separate from the things we are actively doing and let you decide what you’re interested in reading about. I won’t be writing them in any particular order other than what’s inspired my heart to write, but I will use the website to keep things organized in a meaningful way.

As I am a student of Permaculture, I’ll be mentioning things like function-stacking, Zone placement, and design principles that I’m using to integrate the farm. Feel free to ask questions and give suggestions. I find that permaculture is a practice that is constantly in stages of learning and improvement rather than a recipe for perfect success the first time.

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