About us

We bought this five acre plot in 2014 with a dream of putting down roots, learning to garden, and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Experiments were made with container gardening, square foot gardening, lasagna gardening, and straw bales.

My first foray into livestock was 8 Buff Orpington chicks. (Chickens are the gateway drug for livestock, doncha know?) We have since added Silver-laced Wyandottes to our flock and they have all been a source of joy, laughter, sustenance, heartbreak, and education by the School of Hard Knocks.

When Covid hit and we received that first stimulus check, we decided to take a leap and invest it in fence and sheep. We’d been talking about it for years and everything just came together. We started with two electronet fences from PremierOne, a run-in shed from ShelterLogic, and two bred and registered St. Croix ewes.

With gains and losses from year to year, our passion for this life is stronger than ever and so we take it to the next level… sharing it with others.

Pleased as punch