Month: October 2021

Homestead Update

It’s been a little while since I posted an update. I was juggling two jobs, then was in a head-on collision and have been recovering from that. I’m down to one job now and aside from some residual soreness, I’m feeling much better. James and I visited Tennessee and met some of the Self-Reliance community there and that event has cemented a big decision for us.

We want to move to Tennessee.

Some of our reasoning is political. The recent stupidity with Ohio’s governor and his Mandate Decrees have put a bad taste in our mouths. That aside, Tennessee has a longer growing season which will make feeding the family and livestock an easier and much less expensive endeavor. Also, the community there was amazing and we’d like to be part of that for the long haul.

James is currently looking for his next career jump and now is the time to jump if there ever was one. This homestead in Ohio has been a great place to learn and live, but we are ready for more. Stay tuned!