It was time to finally get new equipment.

We have been busy feeding and watering bales to get ready for garden planting, moving the piglets to fresh dirt, and generally keeping things from blowing away in the wind storms we’ve had. Hubby decided to take the lawn tractor downfield and haul some more t-posts down for paddock gates. He shut it down for a few minutes to unload and… the lawn tractor wouldn’t start. It just sat their and clicked. It’s not the battery. We tested it with a new one. I guess that leave the starter or a solenoid? Anyway, we NEED our lawn tractor and the old one was going on seven years of age.

We decided to upgrade our mower and we purchased a trailer to bring it home and do some other things I’ve really been needing a trailer for. (Like hauling home livestock panels and hay) We’ll tow the old mower out of the back field and decide whether to try and fix it or take it to a repair shop. Either way, it’ll be going up for sale and hopefully find a home with people who need one.